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Frank J Contey



Frank was raised in a small town in New Jersey in the 60's in which the neighborhood culture was dominated by working class Italians speaking their native language. Frank fell in love with their instinctive care and use of the land, watching as they cultivated and amended their tiny plots to grow food, fruit trees and grape vines. He asked questions and watched intently as the women picked herbs for that day's dinner or cooked tomatoes and stored them in mason jars for later use. He watched the men hand crank grape presses to make wine, build or fix anything, or meticulously cut their lawns and hedges as if they were trying to win an award. And finally at the end of the day, playing Bocce in the yard over a freshly cut lawn, while drinking wine and yelling in Italian over which ball was closer to the "Pallino". As a boy, these neighbors became "aunts" and "uncles" and only later did he understand how their passion for the land would define his career path. 

In 1983, while attending college, Frank entered part-time into the landscape field. Before long he dedicated himself to the profession full time. Breaking out on his own in 1994, Frank added the garden passions ignited in his childhood and married it with his first decade of field and design experience. The results were an immediate success with his clients.

Today with three full decades of field and design training, Frank's passion for the landscape has grown and matured to combine the best of all possible worlds: state of the art design technology, extensive engineering know-how and a true "love of the land". The end results are always beautiful, functional, sustainable landscapes that achieve and exceed expectations, enhancing every property's value on every possible level.

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